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The Roy Brown Society Mission Statement

The Roy Brown Society has been founded  with the express purpose of preserving and promoting the incredible story of Capt. A. Roy Brown and in particular the famous battle of April 21,1918 in which the famed German Ace, Baron Manfred Von Richthofen  was downed.

The Society also makes a commitment to telling the stories of the many other military pilots and war aces who came from Carleton Place.


Who We Are

The Roy Brown Society is made up of a growing group of volunteers, many with military and flight backgrounds. Working with the Brown family descendants and in particular the daughter of Roy Brown (Mrs. Margaret Harmon) the group is working to build a collection of information and artifacts now displayed in the Roy Brown Museum in Carleton Place, ON. Canada. The Roy Brown Society is sanctioned and supported by the Municipality of the Town of Carleton Place, ON and working collaboratively with the Carleton Place and Beckwith Historical Society.


Where Are We

The Roy Brown Museum is housed in the Moore House
165 Bridge St., Carleton Place, ON
Contact: P. O. Box 162, Carleton Place, ON Canada K7C 3P3

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