The Roy Brown Society

The Roy Brown Society

A fundraising site for a Roy Brown Memorial has been launched.


A few words about us

The Roy Brown Society has been founded with the express purpose of preserving and promoting the incredible story of Capt. A. Roy Brown and in particular the famous battle of April 21,1918 in which the famed German Ace, Baron Manfred Von Richthofen was downed.

The Society also makes a commitment to telling the stories of the many other military pilots and war aces who came from Carleton Place.


The Life and Times of Captain Roy

The Controversy

Who really killed the Red Baron? Many have claimed credit since the fateful day of April 21, 1918 and all have their detractors and supporters.

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The Red Baron vs Roy Brown MGM Studios 1971

Roy Brown Mural Dedication in Carleton Place.

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