Moore House Relocation

One of the oldest remaining buildings in Carleton Place, this log home was originally built by J.P Moore on the land originally granted to his father, William Moore, one of the first settlers of the area. For many years this buildings housed a general store, and originally sat at the north end of Moore Street opposite Lansdowne Avenue. In 2006, the building was donated to the Town of Carleton Place and moved to its new location on Bridge Street in the spring of 2007.

Moore House Opening

Members of the Roy Brown Society standing in front of the Moore House. (June 29, 2013). The Roy Brown Society is dedicated to researching, preserving, and telling the story of Captain A. Roy Brown who has been given credit for shooting down the Red Baron in WWI. The Moore House in downtown Carleton Place located at 170 Bridge Street is the home of the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce and the Roy Brown Museum.

Moore House History

Moore House was originally built by the Moore family around 1850 as a home, and later was turned into a general store. The family was one of the first to settle in Carleton Place. The log structure was retrofitted and moved to its present location in the spring of 2007. According to local folklore ,the ghost of Ida Moore is still present in the house. Over the many years, since the untimely death of Ida, people in the house have reported strange noises, movement of objects, radios being turned off and on and windows being opened and closed. It is said by all who have encountered Ida that she is a very friendly spirit but one that likes to play tricks on the inhabitants of the house. Ida passed alway in 1900 from consumption/TB. Ida was about to go off to music school to become a teacher when she became ill and passed away. Every small town has a ghost story and this one is ours.