“The Roy Brown Society wishes to acknowledge and show appreciation to Canadian Heritage and Canadian Affairs for the financial support that allowed us the opportunity to turn this dream into a reality.”


The Artist: David Clendining

Summit Studios is owned and operated by David Clendining. Based out of the National Capital Region (Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada), Summit Studios has displays, sculptures and installations in Museums and Public areas across the nation and around the world. David works in all aspects of artistic creation and primarily is focused on 3 things:

  • - Design and fabricate museum displays, murals, sculptures and models.
  • - Design, carve and fabricate Bronze monuments and stone scuptures.
  • - Design and build movie sets, props and FX.


The Design: Artist Rendering

The design of the Captain A. Roy Brown statue completed by David. It will be a 2.1 meter bronze likeness of the World War 1 hero.

artist rendering2.jpg

The Site: Lolly's Park

The statue of Capt. Arthur Roy Brown in Carleton Place is located in Lolly’s Park, 200 Bridge St., just north of Central Bridge.

lolly park with statue.jpg

Capt. Arthur Roy Brown

The bronze statue of Capt. Arthur Roy Brown sitting on the corner of the stone wall looking upward..

After pictures of the statue were posted online, the following comment was also posted online:

David R. May
"Well I know Roy saved my grandfather’s life by making the Baron turn away instead of pressing the attack. To me Roy Brown gave my father and myself a future. Thanks Roy and I really like your statue."

Editors Note: David is the son of Wilfrid “Wop” May…

the statue.jpg

The Plaque

Close-up of the bronze plaque commemerating the dog fight.

the plaque.jpg

The Propeller

A full-size bronze propeller is mounted beside the bronze plaque commemerating the dog fight.

propeller and plaque.jpg

Capt. Arthur Roy Brown Statue Unveiling in Carleton Place.